• Marketing Consulting for those in the urban arenas of Beauty, and/or Fashion, and/or Entertainment
  • Publicist Duties
  • Public Relation Services
  • Promoter & Advertiser managerial roles
  • Securing opportunities to display talent/material
  • Creating the image for the client & branding it!
  • Seeking out property for expansion of products being marketed

MfR3 Marketing Matters is the company you come to if you are seeking increased revenue, maximized attention, need to negotiate contracts, and/or have a good yet organized reputation amongst your audience/demographic. We will make sure to accurately market you & yours to get you that responsive reaction you are seeking. Together we can successfully reach that goal through effective appropriate communication, negotiation, & organization!



NEW site launched.


The CEO ages a year, congratulate her!

"Deshonica Green", www.dessencehairstudio.com

Myrica's Marketing Services helped our Salon rise to a new level of success, and she continually checks in on us to see what else she can do to help market our services as a urban marketing consultant, I am happy with MfR3 Marketing Matters."


"MfR3 Creative Solutions LLC. Out of Baltimore, MD is re-born in Atlanta as MfR3 Marketing Matters"